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Alzheimer's Disease Association of the Philippines

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

Ten (10) early warning signs of dementia Memory difficulties that occur frequently and interfere with daily life may be a symptom of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease dementia is a common cause, but there are other causes of dementia and the management may be different. If you feel your memory problems are worsening, occurring frequently and already has disrupted your daily activities, please consult your doctor immediately. Do you have these warning signs?

The 10 signs of dementia

1. Poor memory
a. Forgetting recent events and conversations
b. Repetitive questions, comments and stories
c. Forgetting what to do, what to buy, what to say

2. Difficulties in planning or solving problems
a. Difficulty following a recipe sequence in cooking
b. Inability to keep track of paying your bills (electricity, water, telephone)

3. Difficulties with familiar tasks
a. Confusion in banking (bank accounts, ATM use, pension collection
b. Difficulties in buying the right items from the grocery or market

4. Confusion with time, date, event timelines
a. Disorientation to date, day, month
b. Confused with time relationships. What happened long time ago versus what only happened recently

5. Trouble understanding visual images, positions and distances
a. Trouble finding your way out of malls, stores and toilets
b. Trouble driving or parking your car.

6. Language and communication problems.
a. Difficulty following or joining conversations
b. Forgets what to say or forgets the right word

7. Losing belongings or placing things in inappropriate places
a. Misplacing things (money, jewelry, clothes, shoes)
b. Forgetting where to place items appropriately

8. Poor judgment or decision-making abilities
a. Poor judgment in dealing with money
b. Problems with grooming and personal hygiene

9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
a. Avoids attending family occasions
b. Avoids participation in religious groups or community activities

10. Changes in mood and personality
a. Suspiciousness, paranoia, accusing others or stealing their things
b. Easily irritated and easily gets upset
c. Apathetic with hardly any reaction to whatever is going on

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